martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Empty apartment

Es la primera vez que posteo fotos donde salgo! Es que a veces no tengo tiempo de tomarme fotos, pero voy a comenzaar a hacerlo. Estas las puse a una velocidad muy baja porque queria que salgan un poco borrosas! Diganme que opinan de las fotos? les gusta el estilo?

Mas que por el look, me gusta ese estilo de fotos. Estoy usando unas  leggins negras, polo negro y una casaca vintage gris con negro, sin zapatos, queria hacer la foto lo mas simple posible! Por ahi jugaba con un microfono mientras escuchaba empty apartment de yellowcard y cantaba a todo dar mi verso favorito:

It's ok to be angry and never let go
it only gets harder the more that you know
when you get lonely if no one's around
you know that i'll catch you when you're falling down
we came together but you left alone
and i know how it feels to walk out on you own
maybe someday i will see you again
and you'll look me in my eyes
and call me your friend

This is actually the first time I post pictures of me, yesterday I had some time off so I decided to have a little fun. I like the look but i looove the style of the photos, to create it I'm using black leggins and a black t-shirt and a black and grey vintage jacket, no shoes! I'm kinda playing with a microphone while i was singing the song empty apartment by yellowcard! (favorite verse above).

Tell me what you think about the style of the photos!

Love to you all!

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  1. Of course I would like to follow you :) So please follow me back! I like these photos, it looks as if you had a lot of fun :D

  2. Muy buenas fotos!! Me encantan, esta muy bueno tu blog. Besos!


  4. Great pics!!!

  5. Lovely photos, I like to take photos as well when I'm home alone tho' I tend to just take photos of everything else (most likely my dog, hehe)

    Christina xx

  6. great photos... I love your hair :D

  7. Hi, You have a Very Nice Blog :) I had Just Started Following it.

  8. Amazing photos. I love the style and I'm totally into black and white photography. You look gorgeous <3


  9. I love all the pictures! Really great... <3
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting... following you now... hope you can follow back... :)
    Let's talk about everything